The oil pump maintenance technology and key automotive parts

  Engine can't start engineering machinery engine structure basically are near, now commonly used to high pressure oil pump, as a representative of the traditional diesel engine and to PT pump as a representative of cummins engine. In the battery power is enough, there were fuel tank of fuel and switch, and repair the components when the proper size, engine can't start reasons may meet starting to judge whether the exhaust smoke.
(1) the exhaust have black smoke discharge if a black smoke eduction, show fuel system normal, ignition time work accurately; At this time, can use manual pump continuous pump oil (refers to the traditional diesel engine), at the same time, high pressure pump out of the air, which can be starting. If there is smoke eduction but can't start, should be first check the engine and transmission part whether separation; Namely on-off device is on. As a Ingersoll rand P600 air compressor take black smoke but can't start, check the oil-way, circuit all normal, is the engine and the air compressor's on-off device no separation, starting load is too large, which could start; Will on-off device separation, very successfully started the engine. Next, should check ignition timing time, because of high pressure pump after correction, assembling a sign of bad because sometimes will often equipped wrong, cause ignition timing time wrong, which could start. As a CA30 roller school pump after installed accelerating-algorithm (its engine for deutz F6L912), reason is the timing of the gear room meshing gears right and wrong a tooth; Right after the assembly, starting back to normal.
(2) the exhaust smoke exhaust no if no smoke, a system that doesn't work properly. At this moment, can first open the manual pump oil, high pressure pump JinYou mouth observe whether fuel flow out, whether smooth flow, and high pressure pumps the oil open mouth, observe each cylinder oil supply situation, if fuel flow normal, and high pressure pumps the oil out of the little mouth oil, can judge the high-pressure oil pump piston wear is overrun, after to replace can; If the manual pump the oil pump from high pressure pumps the oil in the mouth the oil, show the oil valve seal is lax, inside leaking serious, must be replaced or grinding, diesel engine might be just the normal starting. Check if the fuel oil system works well, should consider to other systems. As a D85-18 bulldozers, this machine is the power of NT855 cummins engine type, when fault phenomena is: normal work gradually engine flameout, again is starting to start and not smoke. Oil pump, check and the results of the tests of all normal, and fuel flow also many, fuel system that is no problem. Open the valve cover room and found just adjusted valve clearance and becomes very large, the phenomenon that the agency has a problem with gas. Will the valve with the rocker removed, found that the intake and exhaust door plunger were bending, explain timing gear room has a problem. Overhauling timing gear room, found that fixed the crankshaft active gear woodruff key be ground flat, active gear move outward 10 mm, make whole timing system. Fuel systems, air intake system and exhaust system appears confusion, this is the root cause of the engine can't start. 2. Unable to engineering machinery after starting work to work, most of the reason is the fuel system has a problem. This kind of failure of the apparent feature is: when the engine is running no-load normal, with load is to show after work, engine to stall wait for a phenomenon. This kind of fault sample ruled out as follows:
(1) a Russian production AI70 bulldozers, work often feel the driver, a boring, the engine is left to feel. Inspection methods: first opened the manual oil pump, found out the oil, fuel oil normal, let the machine to work, but not for a while. According to this phenomenon, that of JiXieBeng breaks down. JiXieBeng overhauling, found its 4 a spring break into a few quarter, only a small proportion to work. Again after installed a return spring, fault can be ruled out.
(2) a TI20 bulldozers, no load its engine operation, but there is only one block to load, and if the D block work is to die. Inspection methods: first opened the fuel manual pump, system without air, work to normal; Replace the rough and fine after fuel oil filters, small earth-moving work load when the engine to the basic normal, but in the big load cases are still not normal. To this, some people think that is high pressure pump oil supply shortage, the analysis that oil is down. So, will the pipeline between JiXieBeng tube to take check, indeed as expected found tube rubber aging, confirmed by oil supply is not free form throttling, leading to supply shortage, therefore cause bulldozers to work. Changing tubing, the working back to normal.
(3) a Hitachi UHI71 excavator no-load running in when normal, but a digging will take black smoke, unable to work. Inspection methods: the first comprehensive check fuel supply system, it is normal that the engine itself is not the problem; After observation, found its exhaust pipe place more carbon, and therefore think that is too large exhaust resistance, causing power down and take black smoke. Open the muffler, clear the coke, the working back to normal.
(4) a steyr 1491 dump truck when normal work load, the heavy to stall. Inspection methods: use manual pump oil, it was found that the fuel in the air, the other part of the work. Testing, the use of oil tank received directly from JiXieBeng place (that is, not through the fuel oil filters fuel), and then starting automotive test, the result the car works well, explain in the fuel line leak occurred; Then use the transparent plastic pipe diameter corresponding pick in the tank to crude oil filters is in (pipe joint with old joint replacement can), found no bubbles, and with transparent plastic pipe meet in thick oil filters to fine oil filters points, with manual oil pump to find a continuous bubbles appear, upon examination, joints have no problem, but fine oil filters in the leak itself. Replace fine oil filters, the working back to normal.


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