Come on car of oil pump maintenance tips
1. Come on car pump contains a lot of material please first solvent in the oven to remove most of the solvent in, then use a vacuum pump.
2. Wipe a tanker truck oil pump oily-type surface.
3. Come on car fuel line of oil pump in temporary should also before use cleared, will fuel access fuel injection pump pipeline, constantly turning fuel injection pump camshaft, until the oil valve tight a clean burning out so far.
4. Come on car pump use the vacuum drying oven, be sure to do the clean work, clean the window of the vacuum drying oven.
5. Water corrosion tanker truck oil pump, so water cut of the substance of the prohibited the use of a tanker truck vacuum pump
6. Come on car fuel oil pump choose reasonable.
7. Use of oil pump fuel truck fuel must be clean, and shall not contain any impurity and water.
8. Remove governor lumen, go inside the car fuel injection pump chamber oily-type, add provisions brand of lubricating oil.
9. Come on car pump must use label right fuel. General use 0 th diesel in summer, winter use-10 light diesel oil.
10. In the correct order to use vacuum pump, to prevent fall suck phenomenon.
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